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Andy’s Transpennine Trail (mis)Adventure – Day 1

I seem to unable to go on a trip without some form of disaster. Whether it’s capsized canoes, encounters with wildlife, leaking air mattresses or broken equipment, something is guaranteed to go wrong, bringing the trip to a grinding halt. This trip was no exception- before I’d even left London, things had already gone wrong and would only go downhill from there. It’s only through stubbornness and sheer bloody mindedness that I managed to finish this trip.

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F**k you, Nature….

…F**k you right back, Andy and Sarah.

Here’s our latest adventure; complete with a near drowning experience, another broken phone and one-shoed shenanigans.

Here is canoeing the River Wye – Glasbury to Tresseck

The adventure began with a 4-hour drive to Hay-on-Wye that ended at 10pm with the most comfortable B&B I’ve ever stayed in. I would highly recommend Davlyn Guest House as a lovely place to stay over before or after an adventure.

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The hills are alive with the sound of swearing

So our first attempt at bikepacking, which we decided to treat as a trial run before we even set out, turned out to be a massive learning curve.  Loads of fun, but definitely the type-two kind, we are older, wiser, and covered in nettle rash and insect bites.

I’m a new cyclist, and with my bike being twice it’s usual weight, I stacked it twice.  Once while stopping (in front of people), and once while pushing off – no people this time!  Andy’s air mattress got shredded on the first night, so he had no sleep and then had to help me up hills and over gates.

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